It’s been a good few months.

It’s been a couple of months now. I can happily report that my life is going great. I quit my second job in October. It was getting to be too much and I didn’t need it considering that M and I moved in together.

M and I are doing well. He is quite the amazing guy. Just today he took me to Jarrad’s Galleria so he knows what type of ring I like when the time comes. We have discussed marriage, but my rule this time around is to wait a year since we met. This way we are both sure we are making the right decisions. I would hate to end up divorced again for the third time.

We are even going to start looking at houses to buy. I’m ready to have my own house finally. That’s going to be super exciting when it finally happens.

Also, I started school two weeks ago. I’m pretty busy now working 40 hours a week and going to school Monday thru Thursday night but it’s worth it. I really need a job that I’ll love to go to every day. I started the vet assistant course. School actually fun as well. Homework isn’t bad yet but meeting new people and learning new things is always awesome.

So, as it looks, my goals are slowly being accomplished or at least started. Even a majority of my debt is down.

I just hope the rest of 2011 goes smooth and happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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