Over the weekend I had an unexpected visit from an old flame. I found it quite odd that after 2 years he wanted to reconnect.

Even thought I’m in a great relationship now, he did make me think “what if”. And I really hate thinking that. It makes you question everything you have going for you even if you know its right for you right now.

Regardless though, if I was single or not, how does he expect me to have a long distance relationship if we both know thats what killed us? I refuse to do that ever again. I know its not for me…why put me in that situation where I can just fail again? Or how about the fact that he is/was married? I’m not going to be a homewrecker if he is married still. Its just not going to happen. And lastly, he might have a kid. I know for a fact I will NEVER get involved with a man who has a kid. I have learned that I end up becoming the man’s second priority while I make him my first. Its unbalanced. It doesn’t work. Nor can I connect with a kid thats not mine. I have learned all this from experience. Its just who I am.

So I am thankful that he has stopped emailing me telling me to keep an open mind and that he will always be the best for me. That chaper of my life has finally closed. He hasn’t been replaced because he can’t. He is one of a kind, but my love for him has finally found a love for someone else.

I hope he can find someone who can replace his love for me as well. We made great memories, but that’s all that is left for us. Memories.


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