Yay, its almost Christmas!!! It has been snowing off and on today but nothing that has stuck. I wish we could get 2 feet of snow and just stay for a while. All the brown and leaveless trees without snow looks nasty.

Made some progress today. I set up a payment plan for the month to tackle the rest of my personal loan. It will be fully paid off on the 30th of this month. Woot! Only took me two years, geez. But I’m glad thats another thing off my report. That means, I can start really looking for a house. Or at least get prequalified. 🙂 I’m excited. I hope everything goes well and I can actually get something at least before June.

Christmas gifts are under way. I just ordered my biggest one. I really hope M likes it. But I’m sure he will. How can he not?? He will probably get it early though which is ok with me. Now just to figure out the last few gifts I’ll purchase.

I really hope M and I can get a tree up. I’m worried about the cats trying to climb it. I’m sure they will but I still want a tree bad. What’s Christmas without a tree?


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