Yep. I gots a new look. 🙂 Well not totally but I like it. I got maybe an inch chopped off my hair to get rid of all the dead, dry stuff, then I dyed the under part a lilac purple color. Also razored my bangs to make them more choppy looking. I guess you could say I am trying to get that emo/scene style of hair.

My ears are gauged out to a double zero and I have a new dermal piercing on my chest. ❤  I like it.

Now I’ll I need is to get with a tattoo artist and schedule some appointments. Its been over 2 years since my last tattoo. I’m very, very out of date. I believe the next one that I’m going to get will be “limited edition” written in Hangul (Korean) on my left arm, kinda on the side of my wrist. And I’m thinking of getting the word “rawr” on my other wrist….or somewhere. Rawr because that’s “I love you” in Dinosaur. I think its the cutest. 🙂 I don’t know yet though. We will see what happened in the next couple of months.

Life is really moving for me.

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