New Year.

Happy New Year! I’d say it has been a long one. A lot has happened thats for sure. 2011 started out rocky and it only got worse. It wasn’t until May when I finally got the courage to change my life for the better. I left an abusive husband, I got my first apartment, I was doing things on my own, and having a good time. I was happy but lonely. The end of June, I met M. And ever since then, my life has been getting better and better. He is an amazing man and he keeps proving it to me every single day. In one week we will have been together for 6 months. I can’t wait to see what the next six months holds for us.

M and I ringing in the New Year at Copperhead.

Now, on to the goals that I have set for myself. I didn’t set any resolutions because they are always failed attempts but goals are better.

  • Goal #1: Get out of debt (that’s a big one)….still an original goal. This isn’t going to change but as 20 December 2011, I made my last payment on a personnal loan. Thats one big debt completely paid off!! Only a few more things and if I’m smart about it I can get a huge chuck taken care of by July.
  • Goal #2: Buy a house. This is actually in the process. I’m working with my mortgage lender to help correct my credit score in order to use my VA Loan benefit. Hopefully at the end of the month, M and I will be choosing a place to buy.
  • Goal #3: This was the start school goal…..and I already did it. I started back in November and I’m having a great time. It’s very accelerated but I like learning. Two more weeks of the Career Prep course and then I’m off to the veterinarian assistant course!! I’m so excited. So, my goal here is just to stay on top of it, get good grades and graduate in July 2012.
  • Goal #4: Don’t rush my new relationship with M. Just enjoy his company and see where things fall for us. And its getting better and better each day! He is quite the guy!
  • Goal #5: Be happy in my career field. Still want this badly. I’m not happy at my job anymore. Thats why I can’t wait til June. I’ll start my externship then and I can quit working here!
  • Goal #6: Get a new tattoo. It doesn’t matter how big or small but I really want to get a new one. Its been two years now since my last one on my shoulder. I feel that it’s time.

    For now though, I’m happy.


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