I’m a Hot Mess!

Haha, not really. Sometime I can be but today…no. I’m doing pretty well.

My veterinarian assistant (VA) class started last tuesday. It was awkward to say the least. The way Pima works is in sequences. So depending on when you start, depends on what sequence you start in after career prep (by the way, I passed career prep with a 97% average!!). So I moved to the VA class and started in sequence 3 of 3. So some people who are in my class have already learned some things I will be learning next sequence and already know how the teacher is when it comes to teaching. They kinda have a step up you could say. In seven short weeks though, the sequence will change. It will be sequence 1 and some people will leave for externship and new people from career prep will come up. So I guess new people every seven weeks. Oh well.

I got 6 or 7 new books. Not totally sure but I know its a lot. Plus I got a stethoscope. HOW COOL!!?! I totally tried it out on myself and my cats already. M wasn’t really into having a cold thing pressed to his bare chest! hahah!

This first class in this sequence is being shoved down our throats. Its only 4 days long so that means I have a final on Monday! Totally mad but its only on office procedures so it isn’t too difficult. Material is a little dry for my taste but we will be moving on shortly so I’m not worried. I really enjoy sch0ol.

One joyous thing that has happened for me over the weekend is the fact that I finally got approved for a refinance on my car! No more ex husband drama. Last week he sent  me a text stating that I had til the first of February to get the car out of his name or he was taking me to court. At first I was so hurt for the fact that I would have to put off on the house/home loan buisness for a hot minute to take care of this. But lucky the bank approved me for a car loan so as soon as thats done I can work on repairing my credit some more and get back out there with finding a home. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 2012 to be my year. Or for at least more good then bad things anyways!

I’m just sooo glad to finally get the last bit of reason for the ex to contact me out of my hair. He will never have another reason to contact me.

Other than that, I’m struggling to get over a stupid sinus cold. Runny, stuffed nostrils are never fun!


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