I really want a pit, more and more each day. Can’t wait til that can finally happen for me.
Kaylee Greer has some awesome doggy photos on her blog. All way too cute for sure!!! Check it out!

I have to say – I was so excited when I found out what this week’s theme for Project 52 was. Bridges! How cool is that? I was thrilled to make a day trip out of exploring my area in search of the perfect bridge. And even more than that – I was incredibly excited to work with the two gorgeous models that I had specifically picked out for this shoot. If you haven’t yet met my gorgeous fuzzy niece and nephew – you’re about to. Simba and Nala were exactly the perfect pair for this kind of adventure. They are sweet, wonderfully well-behaved (if not the tiniest bit rambunctious) and of course – outrageously good-looking. So, it was off to my brother’s house to pick up the waggly fuzzbutts and onto a magical quest in search of our bridge!

For days before this shoot, I had googled and googled…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Svannah! And yes, you’re right. Nala is the white one. 🙂 She’s the sunshine of my life. There is something about the purity in her eyes that just blows me away. I’m lucky to have her in my life. 🙂 Hope you find your perfect pit bull soon!

  2. Svannah, awesome photos and I love the dogs. They are just happy to be out and about. I love pit bulls and think that they are one of the sweetest dogs. 🙂

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