This blog has seen 2 new years so far so it’s only fair to continue to reflect on those past posts and see how I have progressed with my goals and where I am with my life. Here is a recap of my goals from last year:

  • Goal #1: Get out of debt (that’s a big one)….still an original goal. This isn’t going to change but as 20 December 2011, I made my last payment on a personnal loan. Thats one big debt completely paid off!! Only a few more things and if I’m smart about it I can get a huge chuck taken care of by July.
  • Goal #2: Buy a house. This is actually in the process. I’m working with my mortgage lender to help correct my credit score in order to use my VA Loan benefit. Hopefully at the end of the month, M and I will be choosing a place to buy.
  • Goal #3: This was the start school goal…..and I already did it. I started back in November and I’m having a great time. It’s very accelerated but I like learning. Two more weeks of the Career Prep course and then I’m off to the veterinarian assistant course!! I’m so excited. So, my goal here is just to stay on top of it, get good grades and graduate in July 2012.
  • Goal #4: Don’t rush my new relationship with M. Just enjoy his company and see where things fall for us. And its getting better and better each day! He is quite the guy!
  • Goal #5: Be happy in my career field. Still want this badly. I’m not happy at my job anymore. Thats why I can’t wait til June. I’ll start my externship then and I can quit working here!
  • Goal #6: Get a new tattoo. It doesn’t matter how big or small but I really want to get a new one. Its been two years now since my last one on my shoulder. I feel that it’s time.

Now here are those goals updated:

  • Goal #1: Get out of debt. Still not there yet. But it’s slowly happening. M is handling all the financial stuff now and he has a plan to help pay off all our debt by 2017. We are hoping that taxes this year will help clear out a couple of my credit cards to maybe more that year up sooner. 
  • Goal #2: Buy a house. That process is on hold right now. Things came up with M’s father, so we decided to stay living with him and help him out. It’s not so bad.
  • Goal #3: School. I actually finished this goal. Woot! I graduated back in July! Now I’m debating on going back to school to study to be a Veterinary Technician. It’s a lot more work and I now have Olivia so I’m not sure how well it will work out.
  • Goal #4: My relationship with M is going great. I wouldn’t say it’s rush as in we are married yet but we do have a daughter together so maybe thats rushed but really, M is such a great guy and we get along so well. I really don’t see a need to make this a continuous goal except to make it a goal to stay happy together.
  • Goal #5: Career field, huh? Well I just quit my job at the humane society. I wasn’t very happy there. But that was probably because I wasn’t practicing being a VA, I was only cleaning kennels, it was the same thing every single day and my days were way too long. Now I’m a stay-at-home mom. I’m hoping I can stay happy doing that. I know it can be incredibly stressful but I can’t wait to see Livi grow and not miss her milestones.
  • Goal #6: This goal almost happened in 2012. I had an appointment all set up for a tattoo but unfortunately, 2 days beforehand, we found out I was pregnant. So I gave my appointment to M and he got a nice half sleeve completed. I’m hoping now, I can get a tattoo though. 🙂

So for 2013, I would say all those goals are still in effect except number 2. A house is not needed at this time even though it would be very nice. I have too many DIY ideas saved on my Pinterest. 🙂 One new goal I want to add though is just to be a good mom to Olivia.

On that note, Livi is one month old today. 🙂



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