3 Months

Little Olivia is now officially 3 months old! Olivia Monthly

Olivia does not have a check up this month so these stats are my own that I came up with. Currently she is weighing 13lbs and 23 inches long. That means she is still 50% in weight and only 15% in height. She only grew 3/4 inches in one month.

But she is really getting older. She is eating more and sleeping better at night. Not fully thru the night but better for sure. Bedtime is getting easier for the both of us as well and she is always up at 7am…my little personal alarm clock.

She hit a milestone yesterday and I’m pretty proud and excited. She can now reach and grab for things. IMG_0992

She still isn’t lifting her own head when she does tummy time but she likes to sit up in my arms and she can hold her head for a few minutes all by herself. Hoping with some more practice, she will get it soon.

Later this month, Olivia will be going for her first plane ride and first road trip. We are going to visit all her grandparents in the midwest. I’m super excited to see everyone and for them to meet Olivia. I’m just hoping the whole trip goes smooth because I’m stressing out already. It should be fun though.

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