4 Months


Olivia is four months old! She is getting so big.

My little girl had her 4 month appointment today and got a few more shots. She wasn’t very thrilled with that  but she got over it by the time we left. She currently weighs 14 lbs, 13oz (63%) and is 25″ long (73%). She is finally getting longer. 🙂

4 month collage

Livi just went on her first trip. We traveled to the midwest so all the grandparents could meet her. We flew into the Minneapolis airport. She did pretty good on that flight. Slept for the first hour but then wanted to look around as we landed. She tried to fuss a little but I was able to give her a binky to calm her down.

We headed up to Duluth/Superior area to visit my parents and see a few friends. Then we had to make our first 7 hour drive down to Milwaukee. M and I were nervous but we decided to drive at night during Olivia’s bedtime. That worked out great for us. She slept the whole time. We did manage to get a few hours of sleep when we got to Milwaukee, thankfully.

While in Milwaukee, I got to meet my Dad’s side of the family. I learned I had several aunts and uncles and it was pretty cool to meet them all. It was funny because all of them would greet me saying they haven’t seen me in forever and all I could say was, “it’s nice to meet you”. Last time every one saw me, I was a toddler.

From there, we then drove to Storm Lake, Iowa to see M’s family. Again, we drove at night to keep Livi comfortable. That drive was hard because there is nothing to look at in Iowa…even if it’s dark. In Iowa, Livi wasn’t having it. I think she was tired of the trip. We had been on the road for a week at that point. Every time we got in the car, she would scream unless someone was in the back seat with her.

While in Iowa, M and I got family photos done. IMG_1096



And then, at the end of the shoot, M asked me to marry him!!!



I cried so hard I could barely say yes. M’s family was there too and I guess his sister cried just as hard as I did. 🙂 We haven’t picked a date or a place yet. That will probably take some time since all of our families live in different places and budget. But we do plan to get the legal stuff done here in Colorado around the end of this month.

I’m so happy!



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