5 Months

Olivia…my baby is finally 5 months old. She is getting so big. I probably say that each month, but it’s true. No doctor’s appointment this month but from my calculations, she weighs around 18 lbs now and is still only measuring 25 inches. I’m sure her length will spurt within the next couple months. But I think I’m wrong about her weight. I don’t know how she can gain 4 pounds in one month. That’s a lot. Maybe my scale is off or something.

5 Month Collage

When I was putting this collage together, I noticed how tall she has gotten in her chair. At 1 month, her shoulders are below the back of the chair and now, the back of the chair only comes up to her armpits.

I love her so much.

In the past month she has gotten pretty good at rolling over and holding her head up. And we started food. Initially we started with rice cereal but Livi wasn’t like it very much, so I switch to oatmeal cereal. That was a better hit. Then I started adding pureed fruits and veggies. So far, she likes peaches, carrots, and bananas but not so much sweet potatoes. We will be trying green beans and apples very soon. She has also learned how to grab her feet. It’s very cute. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before her toes go into her mouth. 🙂


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