Random Things in May

Just wanted to track some things so I remember when they happened.

Olivia got her ears pierced this month. She did so well and made me so proud of her. She cried for less than a minute and then was a happy camper about her ears since.

15 minutes after her ears were pierced. So happy!

15 minutes after her ears were pierced. So happy!

She just recently started putting her toes in her mouth. It’s pretty funny to see but looks completely uncomfortable.



Olivia is also starting to sit up by herself. She still needs help sitting up but she is pretty good at sitting there and can catch herself when she starts to fall. She does better with some support holding her up though. But I was shocked to see her sitting there without help. My friend sat her up when my back was turned so I didn’t know Livi could even do it. 🙂 She can’t sit up for very long because her legs turn purple but she really likes the view when up.

Olivia started learning how to hold her bottle when she eats. She still has trouble and I have to put her hands in the right place, but she is getting it. She’s getting pretty big. 🙂


She also has her first two teeth!! Teething has been rough this month but at least her first two teeth popped in about 3 days apart of each other but I’m happy and they are cute. Livi won’t let me get a photo of those guys yet plus they are still tiny.

We are learning baby sign language and she got to experience grass for the first time. Wasn’t sure what to think of that.



I also got a tattoo this past week. It’s the one I had planned to get the week we found out we were pregnant with Olivia. So finally!! It means ‘Limited Edition’ in Hangul (Korean). Something to remind me of my life in Korea and how much I loved it there. 🙂



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