7 Months Old

Oh man how she is growing! What happened to the little newborn I brought home back in December?

Olivia is such a doll though and such a good baby. I don’t have any stats this month since there is no need for a doctor’s visit but I plan to try and get a estimate weight and length in a few hours. Just for record.

UPDATE*** Livi had an unexpected doctor’s appointment 3 days after this post. I was worried about a possible ear infection (her ears were fine) and why she was throwing up several times a day (doc thought it was still reflux even though most babies out grow it by 7 months…I found out it was the water I was using for her bottles…as soon as I switched, the vomiting stopped).

I was able to get her weight at the appointment. She weighs 18.5 lbs. And I was able to measure her at home and she is 28 inches long.
7 month update

Livi has really started moving along. She just showed me the other day that she is ready to start crawling by attempting a “low crawl” to get to the speaker. She will learn soon.

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