Remodeling is tough work!


Several things have been happening around the house this month. It hasn’t come without stress either.

First I started with remodeling my bathroom. I was so tired of the leopard print wallpaper that was in there and I was really needing something to do instead of sitting on my butt all day.

I had planned on doing this job for a while now but have been dreading the wallpaper. I have ripped out a wallpaper border before and that was so difficult. Luckily, this time, it wasn’t so hard. I was able to find a rhythm to get it off the walls in a more “enjoyable” way. I scored the paper then I sprayed some wallpaper remover on the wall. That wasn’t working so well. So I found a loose piece and ripped. It only removed the pattern of the wallpaper. Then I tried water on the paper still on the wall and then scrapped it off. It came off in nice big chunks. It was so nice and easy. There was part of the wall next to mirror that was way more difficult to remove. I’m assuming different adhesive was used in this part. I had to remove the tank to my toilet to get the rest of the wallpaper off. This became a big problem since it made my bathroom unusable during our next project. More on that in a minute.

After all the wallpaper, I started painting the open wall. I decided on a lovely design that I found on Pinterest. It was a big task taping the design but I think it turned out nice. My bathroom is not complete yet. M is insisted on getting a new vanity as well so that will be happening soon as well. I think we finally found one we both agree on but we have to figure out what is underneath the existing vanity.

The second remodel that has been going on this past week was a new floor upstairs in the living room and dining room.

We had the carpet ripped out on Wednesday with the plans of just refinishing the existing hardwood but when we finally saw what it looked like, we decided that we wanted to change the color as well. We choose a red mahogany  stain and it turned out so pretty. So sanding was done on Thursday, then staining on Friday. Finally the polyurethane was applied on Saturday. First coat in the morning. It was horrible…we had to leave for a few hours. Then the second layer was applied later that evening. It wasn’t as bad as the first coat so I wasn’t too worried. We had trim installed on Sunday.   It was so stressful once the stain went down. The only usable bathroom was across the floor that was being redone and then the kitchen was completely blocked with a couch and dining table. It was hard to do anything. I ran out of clean bottles and baby spoons by Sunday….dishes just sat in the sink collecting dust. Not being able to use the bathroom at certain periods sucked and keeping the cats downstairs was just added stress. Not to mention the smell of the poly. It affected me so much that I had to leave the house with the baby. I can only imagine how the cats felt. 😦

And the dust from all the sanding….it was everywhere….I mean everywhere! It was so hard to just live. We had Olivia sleep in her Pack’n’Play in our room for two nights because of everything going on. On top of all the reno stress, it doesn’t help that Livi found a piece of carpet padding that got tracked downstairs and nearly choked to death on it. Then one day while hanging out in my room, she fell off the bed and scrapped her head. She took both events like a champ…I was a mess, feeling like a rotten parent.

I’m glad the floor is finally finished. And I now know that the house is completely clean since we had to clean everything of the dust. Even behind and under the fridge. Oy!!

Enough about all that. Geez! So much stuff.

In Livi news (lol)….earlier this month Livi got her first fever. It lasted 2 days and it was rough on M and I since she would wake in the middle of the night and just cry for hours. I’m just glad M was off that weekend to help me out. We did give the nurse hotline a call and they told use what to do and all but I was still nervous. Her fever did peak at 103 degrees which I think is high enough to go to the ER but the nurses said it was 104. We finally found out that the fever was all because of teething. She got a new tooth. When the fever finally went away, she developed a rash on her head and chest. That freaked me out so I called the nurses again. They told me it was a viral rash and will only last a few days and came from the fever. I had no clue about this….I didn’t even know that a fever can be a symptom of teething? Research does so that some doctors believe this and some doctors say that fevers are no associated with teething. I think it is though. Since then, I have put Livi’s teething necklace on and have not taken if off. I’m assuming that it works too because this last week Livi has been teething and she has been calm and happy. Only chewing and drooling a lot. I’m thinking the new tooth will be in tomorrow because I can see it just under her gums.

Will be posting her monthly photo tomorrow because she’s 8 months tomorrow. Where has the time gone??

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