8 Months Old!

Olivia is 8 months old today. Time has really flown and she has really grown.

From my guesses and measurements, Livi is 28.5 inches long and weighs 20 lbs. I’m gonna guess she might be a little less than 20 lbs but probably not by much.

8 Month Collage

So far this month, Livi has gotten a new tooth, learned how to clap and give kisses. She has nearly choked to death and has fallen off the bed. She is crazy. But I love everything about her.

She has been trying to crawl but still does her little army crawl. She is pretty good at it but I hope she just figures out how to crawl, I’m sure it would make her happier. Livi has also gotten into the sitting position on her own a few times so thats something new as well. Hopefully she will start doing it more but when she does, we will have to lower her crib.

Here are some videos of her from the last two days.






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