9 Months Old

Today was Olivia’s 9 month check up. It’s crazy that we only have 3 months left before her 1st birthday. They aren’t joking when they say the first year goes fast.

9 month collage

From her appointment, we found out that she weighs 19lbs 3.5oz (67%) and is 28 3/4 inches tall (87%). She is a tall girl for sure.  Thankfully, she didn’t have to get any shots today. I don’t know if I could handle more crankiness. Last night, she was a handful and went to bed a whole hour earlier. She is cutting her top two teeth. A little corner of one is already showing so I can only imagine the pain she is in since the rest of the tooth has to push through. I was hoping it would happen in her sleep last night but it didn’t appear to.

Here a a few silly photos from her photo session.


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