Lots of Books

Was just recently looking at photos on Instagram and a lady I follow posted a photo of all the books she was reading or have read. I thought it was a cool idea. Sadly, most of the books I have read are on my kindle so I can’t take a photo of them all. But I can list them.

I think I might have started reading again about 2 or 3 months ago. I don’t even know why I started. I must have been bored or something. I know it started with rereading my Hunger Games series again. Then I finished off the last 3 1/2 Harry Potter books that my mom sent me when Livi was first born. (All these books are so worth reading more than once). Once I was completed with the Harry Potter series, I really needed another book. At that time, I came across a pin on Pinterest about 14 books to read before they hit the big screen. A lot of the books seemed interested and I always like reading a book before seeing the movie (if I know it’s a book first that is). I started there (I didn’t read all 14, not all were to my taste) and then some how it just kept going from there.

So here are a list of all the books I have read very recently in no particular order…

  • Reconstructing Amelia – Kimberly McCreight
  • All of The Mortal Instruments books (I believe 5 total with a 6th coming soon) – Cassandra Clare
  • Horns – Joe Hill
  • Out Of Breath (Book 3 of the Breathing Series: read 1 and 2 last summer) – Rebecca Donovan
  • Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  • Divergent – Veronica Roth
  • Insurgent – Veronica Roth
  • Delirium – Lauren Olivier
  • Pandemonium – Lauren Oliver
  • Requiem – Lauren Oliver
  • Before I Fall – Lauren Oliver
  • Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
  • Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn


I tried reading Serena by Ron Rash but I just couldn’t get into it. I’m currently working on The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. The preview to that movie looks amazing. πŸ™‚

I feel like I’m missing a book or two but these are a lot as it is so maybe I’m not. I don’t know for sure. I should probably start tracking them on GoodReads.

A lot of these books are kind of the same as in a lot of them are placed in a dystopian world and a majority are young adult books, this seems to be my favorite things to read. It was so much at one point that I started dreaming that I was in a dystopian world. Made to shot people and learn to survive on little to nothing. I had to take a small break from that genre.

I have a few more books on my list to read be the end of the year if I don’t burn out from reading. They are…

  • The Testing – Joelle Charbonneau
  • If I Stay – Gayle Forman
  • Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card
  • The Infernal Devices (there are 3 so far) – Cassandra Clare


We will see what happens since Olivia’s birthday is getting closer and I need to start planning and working more on it.

I liked tracking these books and seeing how many I have actually tackled. I love books though. I never though I would use an eReader because I love holding a genuine book in my hand but it’s great that I can electronically borrow books from the library. No need to lug around book with Livi when I go to the library every monday for Baby Time and no remembering to return them when I’m complete. After 21 days, they automatically get returned. If I can’t get them from the library, I tend to buy from Amazon and their kindle books are so much cheaper than physical books.

I hope Livi is a bookworm when she gets older.

One thought on “Lots of Books

  1. I recommend ‘The Shack’ by Wm Paul Young and ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown. I hardly ever read, but these two I think are very good. Christine likes to read a lot, but my sister Laura reads a few books a week! -Dad

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