Melting Some Crayons…the horror, but pretty!

Found this awesome form of art on pinterest the other day. I already knew about melted crayon art but this was pretty cool so I thought I would try.

The first one didn’t work out so well because I used a poster board instead of a canvas. The masking tape ripped a lot of the board when I removed it.

So I went out and found out that Michael’s has some good deals on canvases. I picked up some canvas boards and went to town again on another photo. The masking tape came off a lot better but it seems that a little of the adhesive melted onto the crayon that seeped under the tape as I was melting the crayons. It’s just a tad of clean up and  painting the white area of the canvas to persevere it but not too bad considering attempt #1.

I’ll be adding a listing of these on my Etsy shop once I’m finished and have a good completed product to show. I’ll offer them personalized so you can get your child, loved one, or a quote done. I’m thinking $30 isn’t a bad price for a 12″x16″ size canvas board with an $8 shipping fee. We will see how it all turns out. 🙂

Here are some photos

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