Tattooed Dolls

About two weeks ago I was just having some fun on Pinterest just browsing. It’s what I do when I’m bored. I came across a photo of these two cute tattooed dolls. I wanted to know more about them.

I found out that they were a cut & sew pattern from

I spent about an hour browsing the cut & sew section of the website looking at all the cute things I could make. I saw this adorable pattern for a little girl with three kitties. I thought it was perfect for Olivia. But deep down, I knew I needed the tattooed dolls. So I finally decided to order it.

I received the fabric in the mail earlier this week and I was so happy. I started working on it as soon as Olivia went to bed and finally finished last night.

My friend and tattoo artist saw a photo of them on my Facebook and was totally in love with them. She wanted a pair as well. I ordered another set to make and she plans to add a few more tattoos of her own.

I’m glad to get a second chance at these guys because I feel like I will do a few things different to make them turn out a little better. And make it a tad easier for me to embroider. I was so excited the first time around that I didn’t really think or plan, I went straight to work cutting them out and hand washing, ironing, and embroidering. I should have washed, embroidered, and then measured out a seam allowance before cutting. First time, I just eyeballed a seam allowance and when I started sewing I realized that not everything was going to line up. Again, so glad to have a second chance.

I like and will most likely will be ordering other patterns from them in the future.

Till then, here are my two dolls. 🙂 Livi likes them too.


I have a ton of other projects as well. I will be making a pintuck duvet cover out of two flat sheets and I am working on a melted crayon art for a friend’s birthday. She has a cute little boy who is a tad younger than Livi. I did have someone interested in two melted crayon portraits and she even sent me the photos she wanted to use but I haven’t heard anything else from her or any orders on my Etsy page. That sucks a little but I am hoping she just needed to wait til payday or something. Who knows.



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