Big milestone!

Big milestone!

Cutest baby jammies ever! But big news…Livi took her first unassisted steps tonight!! She normally takes one step/falls into things like the couch, table, or me. So I thought I would try to make a mini video of her doing something like this. Well, she took one step toward me and then fell on the floor,  a total fail. I was watching the vid on my phone to see if it was good enough for youtube and at that point she was like “can I see?” and took 3 small, tiny, unassisted steps toward my cell phone! So exciting! Unfortunately, I couldn’t film this because she only wanted the phone when I was playing a video. I tested her again with a different video and she took like 5 or 6 tiny steps….I also made sure to encourage and praise her since that was helped her become more confident in standing without holding anything.

I’m hoping once her daddy is home tomorrow, we can get a video of her walking. Fingers crossed!

I’m so proud of her!

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