She Turns 1…

One year ago today, you woke me up at 4am. Ready to make your way into the world. I still wasn’t scared and I think that was because I was distracted by the pain. By 2:59pm that day, you made your appearance and I got to see you for the first time, hold you for the first time. It was all too surreal. The first thing I said to you was, “you’re so beautiful”.


I think I waited for that day for a very, very long time.

You made me feel so many different things, but mostly love. I didn’t know I could love a man so much until you showed up and I saw how much your daddy loved you. And I loved him even more for giving me the greatest gift…you.

From the start you were so curious. Such a beautiful inquisitive face. It made me smile so much.

Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia


You were really an easy and pleasant child, I think I just made it difficult because I was so unsure of myself. Of being a mother and caring for someone so amazing. I also always in a sort of shock and awe moment by just the fact that I made you.

I have loved watching you grow and learn new things. I was always so excited when you would do something new or reach a new milestone. I always feel an overwhelming sense of pride.


Grabbing toys for the first time

Big Smiles!

First smile caught on camera

Having a good time

Holding your head up by yourself


Sitting up on her own

Sitting up supported


First time sitting on her own.

Standing for the first time.

Standing for the first time.

Let’s not forget when you first started your little army crawl, then crawling, and now walking! You are just wanting to go, go, go.

I think my most favorite part is watching you when you don’t know I’m watching. The things you do are so cute. Like the time you tried reading a book to our cat, Zeus. Or the time you tried to play with the patches of sunlight on the wall. Right now you like to grab as many pens as you can and just walk around the room making sounds. It’s very silly. You also have a knack for trying to talk over daddy when he is having a conversation with someone. You just start making noise and get louder and louder til we notice you.

You are one smart, amazing, wonderful, beautiful, imaginative child and I couldn’t love you any less. You are such a joy even on the days that just don’t seem to go our way. This year has gone by so fast and I do miss your little self but I know there is so much more in store for you and I just can’t wait to see where life takes you.

Happy Birthday my little girl. I love you!

12 Months Collage


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