First Birthday Party

Oy…I should have done this sooner but I totally forgot.

Olivia’s first birthday party happened a week after her birthday.  We did this because her Daddy has to work the weekend of her birthday and also Thanksgiving was so close. I didn’t want to inconvenient people who already had plans.

Since Olivia was born on the first and she was turning one, I went with a golden theme for her golden birthday. I made everything from the decorations, desserts, and dips. Even her outfit and headband.

IMG_1543 IMG_1545

Unfortunately, out of the 30+ people (counting kids) I expected to make it, only 6 people made it. Some let me know their kids had gotten sick so they weren’t coming, others didn’t even tell me. I’ll be honest, I was kinda mad. I had sent out the invites a whole month in advance to give people the chance to plan or decline. I know Livi won’t remember…I know this but I think the photos to add to her baby book would have been a good thing for her. Oh well.

Here are the photos from the party.


She wasn’t sure about people watching her do things but she warmed up slowly. And when it came to presents…she was clueless. But thats ok. As soon as they were unwrapped, she couldn’t wait to play with them. I also thought it was adorable how she would “read” her cards.

Then her cake. I also made her cake. I gave it to her after presents so she could get as messy as she liked. We didn’t sing Happy Birthday. I was afraid it would freak her out. I also didn’t light her candle and it’s a good thing I didn’t. It’s the first thing she touched as soon as I gave the cake to her.



I don’t know what she was thinking but she only had two bites of her cake. Other than that, she just rested her hands in the cake and stared at every one. It was silly.

I think she had a good time once people started clearing out.

Happy birthday pretty girl!





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