FO: Double Slice Quilt

I finally finished my largest quilt to date.

I bought the fabric a few months back because I thought it was so pretty. It’s the Norwegian Forest Too by Michael Miller. I bought it was a layer cake.

I finally found a decent pattern that didn’t require too much more fabric. It’s called the Double Slice. It’s very easy actually and I had the quilt top done (without borders) within 2 days.

It’s roughly a twin size. I think it’s a few inches shorter all around for a standard twin though. But should work for a child. Mostly for Liv when she get a big kid bed.

I struggled with quilting it. It was so big and bulky….and since I have only quilted a small handful of things before…I am not very good at it yet. I choose a large meandering pattern just to get more practice with free motion. I’m not really happy with the over all but it’s done and it is functional.  I used a variegated thread that matched the colors of the prints.

I think more crib size quilts need to be made before I try my hand at free motion quilting a queen size. I do want to get a queen size made by the time summer gets here though so I can put away the large duvet I am using now.

But, without further ado….here are photos.


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