20 Months

“Only 4 months left til my birthday mom!” – Olivia


IMG_1826 IMG_1828

My little lady has grown so much. She is talking so much. Just random words here or there and a few two word sentences like “up please” and “bite please”. She is also practicing her ABC’s and her cutest letter is W which sounds like Double-Do!

She also appears to be growing like a weed. I put pants on her in the first time in probably weeks and they were too short. Unfortunately they were brand new pants as well. Who knows when they happened since she is either in shorts, skirts or just pantless due to the heat. Then we had two days of no sun and lots of rain. I have never seen a day like that in Colorado. So with the cool weather, pants were needed. Luckily, not all her pants are too short but I’m not ready to buy the next size up until it’s actually time for fall clothing.

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