21 Months and a Surprise

I know…this time I’m way behind. I just haven’t actually felt like blogging. Things have been going on in my life and I just don’t feel like sharing just yet so I kinda stay away from wordpress.

But, I figured I should update with a 21 month photo of Olivia. She has grown so much. Especially mentally.



She is showing us how very smart she is. She already knows her letters of the alphabet and can count up to 10. She speaks all the time and surprises us daily with new words/sentences. It’s pretty awesome to watch her grow like that.

And you read her shirt right. We are expecting baby #2 in March!



On the first I was 12 weeks along. I’m currently 13 weeks now. Finally feeling better as well. This first trimester was a lot more worse than when I was pregnant with Olivia. At least from what I can remember. With her, I remember being so tired I would sleep in my car during my lunch break, and my smell was going crazy. I think I only experienced the sensation of needing to vomit once or twice with her. This time around, not only is my smell gone crazy but I was nausea all day, every day and would need to take time to breath just to keep from vomiting. Eating had become a chore because I had to eat all the time to avoid the worst stomach aches. I didn’t feel nearly as tired as I did with Olivia. I’m still having a hard time eating but at least I don’t have to eat someone every hour. I’m hoping I start feeling even better soon with more energy.

Can’t wait to find out if we are having a littler girl or boy! πŸ™‚

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