22 Months!

So I almost forgot to even take this photo on the first. So much is going on around here.

First off, it’s finally October! In my opinion, that’s the best month of the year. The weather starts cooling off, leaves start changing colors, my birthday happens in the couple of day, pink everywhere (for breast cancer awareness), it’s all great! This year even more is happening. We will be closing and moving into our first house in hopefully a weeks time. We have everything done and just waiting for whatever goes on after the appraisal….which was amazing. It came back over $20,000 more than what are paying for the house!

Not just all the that but my father and step mom is coming to visit. It’s always nice to see them. And then shortly after they leave, all of M’s family is coming out to visit. It’s gonna be one very busy month!

And Halloween, can’t forget that! Not only is it a fun holiday for costumes and trick or treating but that morning we will get to see the new little baby and very hopefully find out what it is, boy or a girl! So much fun!

I told you October is the best month!

IMG_1855 IMG_1859


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