Some silly things Olivia has been saying lately.

Yesterday we stopped at PetSmart to check out dog/cat doors for our new house. Liv saw a dog and “barked at it”. Later in the car I was asking her about it…

Me: Livi, what did you say to the doggie in the store? Woof?
Livi: Woof!!!!
Me: That’s right. Silly lady, woof.
Livi: “Wivi” turn, WOOF! Daddy turn woof.
Daddy: Woof!
Livi: Mommy turn woof.
Me: Woof.
Followed but tons of laughing.

Then, last night at 3am, Liv woke from a nightmare. So I changed her diaper, Mike got her some water, and we let her play a quiet game of ball in her room.

Livi: :hands me the ball: Momma, throw ball daddy.
So I roll the ball to Mike.
Livi: Daddy throw ball “Wivi”
So he rolls the ball to her.
Livi: “Wivi” throw “Wivi”
And she would throw to Mike. But kept saying that. 

I supposed that Liv has started referring to herself in the third person because the you/me thing kinda confuses her. And the whole narrating thing…totally new and so silly! 


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