Everything has changed!

I realized last night that I haven’t posted in a long while. So I log in today and notice that everything has changed!! I hope it’s not to difficult to post and upload photos. Oy!

I don’t feel like a lot of crazy has happened since my daughter’s birthday. I mean, there was Christmas. Olivia loved that! And with having her birthday and Christmas so close together, she has understood the idea of presents very well. For several days afterwards, she would ask every morning if it was Christmas or her birthday. She definitely wants more presents. She still asks when her birthday will be but she doesn’t do it every day.

Pregnancy is going ok. It’s definitely more painful this time around. I’m very sore at night. And that’s just from light walking and what not. I have started to notice my hands and feet like to swell up as well. I didn’t experience any of this when I was pregnant with Liv. I’m just ready to be done though and have my body back. It’s very difficult to put pants and shoes on. My tummy is always in the way and with potty training Olivia, as ONLY wants me to help her out. It’s tough getting off my butt.

She is doing well with training though. We have come a long way and I’m happy she is only in diapers at night. I’m not sure when I want to start night training though.

Anyway, here some photos to include a pregnancy collage up until this week.

And my growing belly….

Pregnancy collage

I have also be working very hard on making things these last few months. Just going nuts. I’ll make a separate post about that!

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