And Now We Are Four.

Baby boy is finally here. Here is his story and all that lead up to it.

2015-03-13 17.43.25

This was one of my last photos while pregnant. I believe I was 39 weeks here. I felt very big at this moment.

2015-03-06 23.14.31

This photo is a comparison of my two pregnancy. On the left was 38 weeks pregnant with Olivia and on the right is 38 weeks with baby boy. He was definitely bigger.

So, the start of his story. We went in for our 39 week appointment at the beginning of March. Everything was looking good. I was progressing with dilation nicely. I was actually 4cm when I left. I did have a membrane sweep but that didn’t do anything for me. So we actually scheduled an induction. This wasn’t my initial plan. I had wanted to wait til he came on his own but I was so incredibly stressed out about child care for Olivia and with how M’s schedule is that choosing a date that worked for us just seemed like the right thing to do. We scheduled for 1 day before our due date.2015-03-13 19.27.43 2015-03-13 19.27.51These photos are from our last dinner as a family of three. To be honest, I was very emotional that day with just the thought of Livi not being an only child anymore. I was worried she would be so mad at me. I wanted her to have a special time with us at least 1 more time before baby came.

We were scheduled to come in at 7am on Saturday, March 14th but I got a call at 5:45am saying that they were full and I needed to wait for the call. I knew that was going to happen. As much as it sucked to wait around, at least we were able to hang out with Olivia before leaving for the hospital.

On a side note, Liv had probably the best day of her life. While we were at hospital, she got to go to the zoo with my friend and her daughter. After that, they took her to get ice cream. When Liv had to go with another friend, she got to spend 3 hours at the local park. Right before I started pushing, M went to pick up Liv since it was getting later in the day and she was there and got to watch her brother be born. 🙂 And she even got an awesome “big sister” gift. Her first legos duplo set. She loves it.

2015-03-14 18.25.04

Anyway, we got the call to go in at 9:30am. We got there about 10am and they got me all hooked up and bouncing on a birthing ball.  I was still only 4cm and 70% effaced. So they started a low dose of pitocin. That really didn’t do much at all. I would get contractions but I wasn’t really feeling them and it wasn’t helping me progress. So they did amp it up a little….still nothing. So around 1-ish in the afternoon, my doctor suggested breaking my water. I was a little nervous about that so I requested my epidural before she did it.

For the epidural, I decided to start with a low dose since last time, with Liv, it was so much I couldn’t move my own leg, M had to do it for me. So the low dose was nice, I could still sort of move and feel things but not feel pain. Doc came back and broke my water. It was such a strange feeling and so much. Doc said it was a lot more than she expected. So no wonder my belly was so big! 🙂

Contractions started coming very quickly but I was still not progressing as quickly as we all thought. At that point, my epidural was starting to wear off on my left side. It wasn’t so bad at first but within an hour it was terrible and I was begging for it to be fixed. I was experiencing back labor and it was not fun. Come to find out, baby boy was “sunny side up”. I had a feeling he would be. This was also why it took so long to progress. So, after I was back to being comfortable with a little boost to my epidural, they suggested I lay on my side and use a peanut shaped ball between my legs to help baby boy get into position. They also turned down the pitocin since my contractions were pretty much on top of each other.

Finally, around 6:30pm, they told me I could start pushing. And it was so much easier this time. With Liv, my epidural was so high, I couldn’t feel “where” to push and it took 3 hours to get her out. With baby boy, I could feel him moving down and was able to push productively and it only took an hour. And no help from forceps and I didn’t tear! He came out beautiful and REDHEADED!! Lol we were not expecting that at all! We delayed cord clamping for about 5 minutes and then he went to get cleaned up. Everything about him was perfect. He even latched on and fed right away. Such a champ!

Troy Michael Eugene was born at 7:34pm on March 14th 2015 (Pi Day), weighing 7 lbs, 15 oz (1 lb bigger than Liv) and 20.5 inches long (1.5 inches longer than Liv).

He will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and is doing so great. And his big sister is doing well with the transition. She has her moments but she is getting better every day. 🙂 Oh, and he even looked exactly like Liv at first.

2015-03-14 23.44.41

But he is getting his own look now. 🙂 He was even a little model today. I got one sneak peek photo and can’t wait to see the rest.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.02.55 PM

I’m amazed I have 2 kids now. It’s rough but I can’t wait to see them both grow together. ❤

Happy Easter!

Easter 2015


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