16 Months and Quilting Progress

Some crazy faces this lady makes for the camera. She likes having her picture taken though and will say CHEEEEESSSSSSSSSE! We are also learning how to respond to the question, “how old are you?” by using her finger to make the number 1. We are almost there. 🙂 Here is a photo of Olivia exactly […]

FO: Double Slice Quilt

I finally finished my largest quilt to date. I bought the fabric a few months back because I thought it was so pretty. It’s the Norwegian Forest Too by Michael Miller. I bought it was a layer cake. I finally found a decent pattern that didn’t require too much more fabric. It’s called the Double […]

14 Months Of Olivia

Livi turned 14 months on the 1st. She has been testing us a lot lately. When she gets mad, she will grab whatever she can and throws it on the ground while looking at us straight in the eye. She is kind of a butthead. She has also learned a few more signs. She is […]

A very achievable goal for 2014

On Little Baby Gavin‘s blog, she was talking about embracing 2014 and how she wants to slow down in this new year and just spend time with her little growing family. Who are so very cute and can’t wait to see the new little one. I need to think about doing that myself. But in […]

Growing Up

We are continuing with the monthly photos. M said he wanted to keep going for a while and then make a slide show out of all the photos. I think it’s a great idea and thought it was sweet that her daddy wanted something like that. So here is Livi at 13 months. She really […]


It’s 2014. I remember very well when 2000 happened. Y2K was a big thing. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since then. 30 years since the year I was born. So nuts. To keep with tradition on this blog…I’m here to update my goals for this new year. Below are 2013 goals. Goal #1: […]