Another Makeover!

I’m at it again!! I saw some cute picnic table makeovers online, so I found a kid’s picnic table on Craigslist last night and picked it up this morning.  It’s nice little table but it was very faded and in need of some dressing up. I have never heard of the brand Henry but it said it was made in Canada. What is pretty cool about this particular table is the table can be adjusted as the child grows.

2014-04-11 12.36.08

So after I picked it up, Liv and I headed to Hancock’s Fabric and bought some more vinyl and the fabric that I would have got for her Ikea Latt table if I didn’t fall in love with the triangle print I went with.

2014-04-11 11.18.18

We also stopped at Home Depot to pick out some coordinating spray paint. As soon as we got home, I disassembled the table and hosed it down to get all the cobwebs and old dirt off of it.

2014-04-11 12.54.20

It was very warm today, hitting the 70’s. It was very nice and the pieces dried very very quickly. So I started to spray paint the white pieces. Out of a cream, green or gray color, I went with green. It turned out very nice I think.

2014-04-11 13.05.01

While I waited for that to dry, I went inside and started on the table top and seats. I started with the fabric and stapled that all around. It was very easy, even the rounded corners. I had read some other people found that a little difficult but I thought it was a breeze and turned out very  nice looking. Then I stapled the vinyl on top of the fabric to protect it from messes and weather.

Assembling everything back together was probably the hardest part. Getting the screws to line up with the holes and some of the fabric was in the way of everything fitting together. But I got it all together and can’t wait to let Liv check it out. By the time I was done, it was too hot out for Liv to play. She was already exhausted from the sun she did get. The photo doesn’t show off how it all looks together because of the sun but I like the way it looks. I hope it will withstand the snow we are supposed to get this weekend and that the vinyl doesn’t melt in the hot summer sun when that comes.

2014-04-11 15.14.47


Can’t wait to do more fun makeovers like this. 🙂



Ikea Hack

I have been wanting the Latt table set from Ikea for Livi for a while now. I thought it would be a perfect place to eat snacks at during the day. The price is also fabulous, the only problem is that Ikea is an hour away.  The other day though, I happened to notice someone was selling the set on Facebook for $5 cheaper. So I snatched it up as quick as I could. 

2014-04-06 11.14.42


It was a little banged up from years of use. From what I found on the label, I’m thinking v. 1999 means it was from 1999. So it has been around for a while but still going strong. Now there is nothing wrong with the original look but I wasn’t interested in the raw look. I had seen some ‘hacks’ of this table set and decided I wanted to do some updates to it. Make it personal. 🙂

So I started with a fabric I found. I love it because it reminds me of quilts. I also got some vinyl so I could easily whip messes off the chair seats.

2014-04-07 14.51.11

I did throw in a layer of quilt batting for a small amount of padding for the seats but I didn’t want too much bulkiness.

Then I painted the top with chalkboard paint so I can doodle little things for Livi and when she is older she can doodle as well. But only when she knows that she can only color there and not on other furniture.

2014-04-07 19.51.05

Then staining. This was my first time ever using stain and I have to say, it’s not as easy as it looks. I did have to sand all the pieces down first because it appears that someone decided to put a clear coat on everything at some point. Sanding wasn’t horrible though. I do like how the stain turned out. After I assembled everything, I thought that i should have just painted it all white but I think I made a good choice the first time around.

2014-04-08 13.07.21IMG_1768

I also got a piece of plexiglass to put over the chalkboard top. These way, food and other messes can be easily cleaned up as well. I had read some comments from others who did this hack and they said that food messes on chalkboard is the worse. So I wanted to just eliminate the headache first thing. And it’s a good thing I did because just this morning Liv ate at the table and managed to mush sticky stuff all over it.

Now I’m hoping to snatch up a cheap Little Tikes picnic table or similar and give that a custom makeover.

16 Months and Quilting Progress

Some crazy faces this lady makes for the camera. She likes having her picture taken though and will say CHEEEEESSSSSSSSSE!

We are also learning how to respond to the question, “how old are you?” by using her finger to make the number 1. We are almost there. 🙂

Here is a photo of Olivia exactly one year ago today. We were waiting to board our flight back home. She has changed so much!


In my quilting world, things have gotten rough. I finished my main piece with Link and Zelda, this is also the very middle of the quilt. But Zelda turned out a lot bigger than Link. Trying to line up all the seams was very difficult when I attached them together and it caused a lot of puckering and ways. I didn’t like it.

I was worried that if I left as is, then it came time to quilt, it would pucker even more. So I decided to remove Zelda, cut all new squares (all the old ones can’t be salvaged), and start again. This time, I am taking the time to draw the graph on my interface so everything is even. Link doesn’t have a graph but I feel like it isn’t off too much when I add the sides and top. It does suck to have to redo such a large piece but I’d rather it be more manageable when it will be quilted.

And, I’m starting on a gift quilt for a friend. I cut everything last night (this was easy and not as stressful as the Zelda quilt) and then laid out all the colored squares to see how the colors will play together.

2014-03-31 22.16.47

I needed a visual because just trying to imagine it in my head isn’t the easiest. This is most of it….I ran out of room on my design wall. But at least I see how it will look now. All the colored squares will become the corners of white squares (so triangles in the end). I just need something else to work on when I need a break from my Zelda quilt.

A Very Large Project

I’m not entirely sure when I started this project, I’m sure I could go through some history on Facebook to find out but I know it was last month.

One day while reading some posts in a Modern Quilting group on Facebook, I came across someone’s photo of a Super Mario Bros. quilt they made. I thought it was awesome. She then told me that she has a pattern made up I could use. I was super excited. After reviewing her pattern, I realized I could easily make almost anything with the same concept. Since it was based on a classic Nintendo game, I thought I could make one based on my favorite game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

I did some research to see of someone had already made one or if there was a pattern. I did find one quilt that someone made but there was no pattern I could find. So I decided to continue with my idea. I did make sure to change it from the quilt I saw on Etsy though.

Designing it wasn’t difficult. I used Excel since all I had to do was color in the squares and then use a formula to count how many of each color was needed.

After everything was complete with the excel sheet, I went to town cutting squares….lots and lots of squares, over 5000 total. All of them measuring 1.5 inches.

2014-03-12 12.44.35

I paced this out since I know it would have cost a large amount if I were to buy all the fabric at once. Cutting fabric took a couple of weeks because of this.

When I started posting photos to the quilting group on Facebook, I was lucky that someone was kind enough to tell me about a simpler way to sew all the little squares together. I don’t know if there is a name to the method but it includes using fusible interfacing. All I have to do is lay out the squares in the correct order on the interfacing and iron it on. Then fold over and sew where the seams would be. It has been a huge help. Ironing is the part that’s the most cumbersome. Some many seams to press open and burnt fingertips. I wonder if my iron hates me yet.

2014-03-12 13.38.05

It’s coming along slowly but a lot faster than piecing each square individually.

Here are some photos of the progress.

2014-03-15 16.48.09 2014-03-17 21.08.47 2014-03-17 21.09.08 2014-03-18 18.50.37 2014-03-20 21.24.27 2014-03-21 16.27.13

FO: Double Slice Quilt

I finally finished my largest quilt to date.

I bought the fabric a few months back because I thought it was so pretty. It’s the Norwegian Forest Too by Michael Miller. I bought it was a layer cake.

I finally found a decent pattern that didn’t require too much more fabric. It’s called the Double Slice. It’s very easy actually and I had the quilt top done (without borders) within 2 days.

It’s roughly a twin size. I think it’s a few inches shorter all around for a standard twin though. But should work for a child. Mostly for Liv when she get a big kid bed.

I struggled with quilting it. It was so big and bulky….and since I have only quilted a small handful of things before…I am not very good at it yet. I choose a large meandering pattern just to get more practice with free motion. I’m not really happy with the over all but it’s done and it is functional.  I used a variegated thread that matched the colors of the prints.

I think more crib size quilts need to be made before I try my hand at free motion quilting a queen size. I do want to get a queen size made by the time summer gets here though so I can put away the large duvet I am using now.

But, without further ado….here are photos.

15 Months

Olivia turned 15 months on the 1st.

IMG_1738 IMG_1741

I think I might need to move the sign up since she is getting tall enough to completely cover it. I can’t get a straight shot of her without not getting the sign.

Liv also got to play outside for the first time yesterday. It was very nice so I thought I should give her the opportunity to play in the dirt. She had fun using a stick to draw lines in the dirt.

I’m hoping soon we can get her an outdoor playset so she has something to climb on and play with when she is out there. There isn’t much but dirt in the backyard so I don’t want her to get bored.


14 Months Of Olivia

Livi turned 14 months on the 1st. She has been testing us a lot lately. When she gets mad, she will grab whatever she can and throws it on the ground while looking at us straight in the eye. She is kind of a butthead.


She has also learned a few more signs. She is picking them up pretty easily now. She now knows Thank You, Cookie, and Poop. She doesn’t realize what poop is yet but I’m hoping she can figure it out soon so she can tell me when she needs a new diaper. That would be nice.

I also converted her crib into a toddler bed yesterday. She did well sleeping in it last night. Didn’t try to get out once. We will see how long that lasts though.

2014-02-04 07.34.53When she woke up, I found her chewing on her guard rail. Silly lady.

Some randomness of Liv!

A very achievable goal for 2014

On Little Baby Gavin‘s blog, she was talking about embracing 2014 and how she wants to slow down in this new year and just spend time with her little growing family. Who are so very cute and can’t wait to see the new little one. I need to think about doing that myself.

But in the mean time, I have thought up a very achievable goal for myself this year. It might seem easy to some but for me it’s hard. And thats finishing projects. I have started quilting recently and I’m getting more and more patterns and ideas for some cute quilts. Normally I have a problem with starting a project but not finishing it before it’s complete. Now, I’m not going to set a goal for finishing a project before starting another….quilting is too easy to start a new project all the time. Plus I like mixing things up so I don’t get too bored. But I do want to be able to actually finish everything I start this year. It’s a big goal for me but I really want to follow through. I want hubby to see that I mean business when I spend the money on all the awesome fabric and supplies.

Fingers crossed on making it all work out. Now to get a new sewing machine to get the job done easier. 🙂


Growing Up


We are continuing with the monthly photos. M said he wanted to keep going for a while and then make a slide show out of all the photos. I think it’s a great idea and thought it was sweet that her daddy wanted something like that. So here is Livi at 13 months. She really is growing!


It’s 2014. I remember very well when 2000 happened. Y2K was a big thing. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since then. 30 years since the year I was born. So nuts.

To keep with tradition on this blog…I’m here to update my goals for this new year. Below are 2013 goals.

  • Goal #1: Get out of debt. Still not there yet. But it’s slowly happening. M is handling all the financial stuff now and he has a plan to help pay off all our debt by 2017. We are hoping that taxes this year will help clear out a couple of my credit cards to maybe more that year up sooner. 
  • Goal #2: Buy a house. That process is on hold right now. Things came up with M’s father, so we decided to stay living with him and help him out. It’s not so bad.
  • Goal #3: School. I actually finished this goal. Woot! I graduated back in July! Now I’m debating on going back to school to study to be a Veterinary Technician. It’s a lot more work and I now have Olivia so I’m not sure how well it will work out.
  • Goal #4: My relationship with M is going great. I wouldn’t say it’s rush as in we are married yet but we do have a daughter together so maybe thats rushed but really, M is such a great guy and we get along so well. I really don’t see a need to make this a continuous goal except to make it a goal to stay happy together.
  • Goal #5: Career field, huh? Well I just quit my job at the humane society. I wasn’t very happy there. But that was probably because I wasn’t practicing being a VA, I was only cleaning kennels, it was the same thing every single day and my days were way too long. Now I’m a stay-at-home mom. I’m hoping I can stay happy doing that. I know it can be incredibly stressful but I can’t wait to see Livi grow and not miss her milestones.
  • Goal #6: This goal almost happened in 2012. I had an appointment all set up for a tattoo but unfortunately, 2 days beforehand, we found out I was pregnant. So I gave my appointment to M and he got a nice half sleeve completed. I’m hoping now, I can get a tattoo though. 🙂

Now it’s time to update them.

  • Goal #1: Debt….still the same really. M is still in charge and he is doing a really good job at it even if I’m doing a real bad job at saving the money. We are closer to our goal and might get closer this year. We are both hoping so.
  • Goal #2: A home of our own. Still not happening any time soon but M mentioned that he is ready to get prepared in case an opportunity arises for us.
  • Goal #3: The thought of going back to school. I almost did it this past year. But I stressed out so bad about the course work and care for Livi. I decided it probably wasn’t the right time for that. Maybe in the near future. I can’t make it a real goal for 2014 though. **So this goal is now about crafting/quilting. For 2014, I hope to become proficient in quilting and other crafts and possibly open a Facebook business page and start selling a few things through there.
  • Goal #4: Relationship with M. We are now husband and wife and I feel like things are going well. So my goal is to just continue what we have. Making each other happy and letting each other know we love one another.
  • Goal #5: I miss work sometimes, I truly do. But at the same time I know I’d miss Olivia and all the free time to craft. So I’m not sure if I’ll really get a job but it’s a thought I have had for a while.
  • Goal #6: This one can actually get check off the list. I finally got a new tattoo. In the process I even made a new friend. She is a pretty awesome tattoo artist as well. So…this goal is now about being a good mother to Livi. My goal is to continue to give Livi everything she might need and teach her more and more. It’s so rewarding when she understands something I’m trying to teach her. Like sign language. She now has 3 signs down and it’s amazing. 😀 Also, we are hoping for baby #2 this year.

My goals might not change too much each year but thats probably a good thing. I keep the important things first and foremost and try really hard to check them off the list. Even if it takes more than one year to do so.

Happy New Year! I hope this year brings everyone at least one thing they might want or need.