3 Days!

Just a quick update. I’m very bored…I wish I was flying home on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. I only have few things to take care of tomorrow and thats in the morning and one thing on tuesday, again in the morning….so I’m stuck sitting around for nothing. Oh well, I guess its better to be […]

Smells of Germany

Currently I’m stationed in Germany. Wiesbaden Army Airfield. I’m gonna just say its probably the worst army post I have been too. Enough said. Probably wondering about the title of this post. Now I want to say that Korea is funny smelling when you first get there…the kimchi, the ginsing…trash on the streets. But it […]

Trip to Pyeongtaek

  Today I had to go to Camp Humphrey’s to take a survey before I go to BNCOC (this is a mandatory school/developmental program for enlisted Army personnel). Camp Humphrey’s is located in Pyongtaek, Korea which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Seoul. And this is with no traffic. 🙂     Also, […]