Doot! Where does the time go? I had such a stressful and frustrating week last week. All work related so thats ok…nothing personal. Anyway, yesterday I found some cute patterns to embrioder sometime soon from LollyChops. But I am still waiting for all my supplies to arrive in the mail. I swear…sometimes Amazon is great…and […]

Update on projects

Considering its been a few days since my last post it would be smart for me to have something to show for my absence. Its not much but its something. This is the Fawn 2.0 pattern by Elisabeth Doherty. She makes the most wonderful amigurumi dolls and I appreciate her taking the time to make patterns for me […]

Trip to Pyeongtaek

  Today I had to go to Camp Humphrey’s to take a survey before I go to BNCOC (this is a mandatory school/developmental program for enlisted Army personnel). Camp Humphrey’s is located in Pyongtaek, Korea which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Seoul. And this is with no traffic. 🙂     Also, […]