It has been a long week….

…And I only worked two days outta it!

A lot has gone down this week starting on Sunday.  That morning my Hubby woke up with a lot of dark blood in his throat. We just thought that it might have been a blood nose in the night that seeped into his throat in the night. Our dog Tulo smacked him in the nose sometime in the night I guess.  (Tulo is a big dog and likes to get near faces so you never know what might happen.)

After the day progressed, strange things happened. Hubby continued to spit up blood and cuts weren’t clotting properly (as in….taking hours to clot). But as my Hubby is….he doesn’t like doctors and was hoping whatever was going on would resolve itself.

Shoot to Monday morning. We wake up to the alarm thinking we are gonna get up and get ready for work. But when the Hubby rolled over we noticed that his pillow was covered in blood. This is when we decided the emergency room was a must.  We went to the hospital on post hoping they could figure out what was going on and then send us on our way with the Hubby all fixed up. But sadly all they could tell us was that his platelet cells were being destroyed. He was a very critical low of platelet cells and the doctor wanted the Hubby to be admitted to the hospital downtown (on post they did not have a hemotologist). From his blood work the Hubby’s cell count was 3. For a normal, healthy person your count should be over 100.

So we headed over to the hospital downtown for more tests. In four hours his cell count had dropped to 2. This was very scary since any lower and he could just start bleeding out from everywhere. It was a very emotional time for us and his family who had showed up to see him.

The doctor admitted my Hubby to the hospital that night. The doctors were calling what my Hubby had as ITP or Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. The Hubby required a transfusion of platelet cells and a possible bone marrow biopsy (the biopsy has been pushed off due to our medical insurance not covering it and his white blood cell count being normal).

After the transfusion, this cell count steadily increased. He was also prescribed a steroid prescription to help his cells reproduce. We spent a total of 3 days in the hospital. By Wednesday when he was finally discharged, his count was up over 50 so he was safe to go home. He was prescribed to get lab work done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until his cell count was back to normal and steady.

Thursday we had to go to Denver for the Hubby’s VA exam. We spent all day there since he had a lot of things to do. The last thing he had done was labs. And this morning, from those lab results, we found out he has a thyroid problem. We are unsure if this caused the ITP or not but I hope that we get more information on everything so my Hubby can stay healthy.

So see….a very long week!

I’m just happy that my Hubby is doing ok and no longer stuck in the hospital.


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